Suyako すやこ suyako was sumiyoshi s wife and an ancestor to the kamado family. The list of characters in demon slayer.

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Mitsuri kanroji is a character from the anime demon slayer.

Kimetsu no yaiba characters pink hair. Relations appears in demon slayer. Additional unnamed and very minor characters can be found on this page. Main charactersnote tanjiro kamado nezuko kamado zenitsu agatsuma and inosuke hashibira demon slayer corpsnote ubuyashiki kagaya kanao tsuyuri genya shinazugawa aoi kanzaki.

Kimetsu no yaiba kimetsu no yaiba 鬼滅の刃 by ユーフォーテーブル ufotable. List of characters in the manga and anime series kimetsu no yaiba. She has long pink hair that fades into a neon green color at the halfway point which she wears in three thick braids with five shorter clumps hanging over her face as bangs.

Instead nezuko had fully black hair worn tied back in three low buns decorated by pink ribbons and eyes of a dark red color that only appeared pale pink around their lower irises. His entire family was massacred by muzan kibutsuji while he was selling charcoal with only his sister nezuko surviving. Makomo 真 ま 菰 こも makomo was a former apprentice of sakonji urokodaki.

When she was trying to get married her hair was dyed black in an attempt to make herself look more normal. They have been indexed as female teen with green eyes and pink hair that is to waist length. All characters and voice actors in the anime demon slayer.

However this change to kanao s hair wasn t retroactively put into motion for the animated adaptation which kept kanao s hair fully black as it used to be. 1 appearance 2 personality 3 history 3 1 final selection arc 4 abilities and powers 4 1 swordsmanship 5 trivia 6 quotes 7 references 8 navigation makomo was a young girl of a short stature with pale skin who possessed gentle eyes of a deep cyan color their pupils rectangular and white that were a notably. Natsuki hanae satomi satō child japanese.

Much later into the manga after consistently drawing kanao with fully black hair gotouge then decided to make kanao join the league of special colored black hairstyles as well in a color illustration for the fight against doma she was given pink hair tips also used in a promotional sticker for jump giga. She wore the same kimono just without her haori and with a large sheet of white cloth tied around her which she used to carry her little brother rokuta kamado on her back. 1 appearance 2 personality 3 history 4 synopsis 4 1 swordsmith village arc 5 abilities and powers 6 trivia 7 quotes 8 references 9 navigation suyako was a petite girl with long hair of a dark color which appeared to curve in or be tied together below her shoulders with two ear length strands handing down.

As a human she had a very similar appearance the only differences being her lack of demon like traits vermilion hair and pale pink eyes. Zach aguilar allegra clark child english the main protagonist tanjiro kamado 竈門 炭治郎 kamado tanjiro is the oldest son of a charcoal seller.

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