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Tocho mae shinjuku opened december 19 1997 roppongi tsukishima ryogoku opened december 12 2000. This is a list of all of the characters that appear in the japanese anime miracle train.

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Oedo line train stations edit.

Miracle train characters. Of the 102888 characters on anime characters database 26 are from the anime miracle train. He has red brown hair and blue eyes. Roppongi station is numbered e23.

The main characters in the series miracle train oedo sen e youkoso are 6 train stations on the oedo line. Tocho mae roppongi shinjuku tsukishima ryogoku and shiodome. All characters and voice actors in the anime miracle train.

Characters miracle train employees ropongi fumi 六本木史 fumi roppongi he is the representation of roppongi station which starts the oedo line.

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