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10 ways kagome proved herself early on they are proving is it never too late for a sequel as fans are quite excited to return to the feudal era and see how their favorite characters are doing. She is the only daughter of inuyasha and kagome higurashi a quarter demon bounty hunter who slays demons and sells their parts to other demon slayers.

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Princess half demon is the sequel anime which revolves around inuyasha and kagome s daughter moroha and sesshomaru s twin daughters towa higurashi and setsuna.

Inuyasha daughter show. The show started 20 years ago and ran fro 2000 to 2004 with its final act coming out from 2009 to 2010. Original creator rumiko takahashi has returned for the sequel to provide new. It aired on october 3 and you can watch it for free on ani one s youtube channel.

Princess half demon the new series will be following the daughters of inuyasha and sesshomaru. Tōga s last words src tōga 闘 とう 牙 が fighting fang also known as the inu no taishō 犬 いぬ の大 たい 将 しょう great dog general or inu no daiyōkai 犬 いぬ の大 だい 妖 よう 怪 かい great dog demon was a powerful inu daiyōkai who was known quite well and feared throughout feudal japan as being the. As shared on its official website and twitter with translations provided by miggyxmarie on twitter yashahime.

Dog yaksha is a japanese manga series written and illustrated by rumiko takahashi the series begins with kagome higurashi a fifteen year old middle school girl from modern day tokyo who is transported to the japanese era of sengoku period after falling into a well in her family shrine where she meets the half dog demon half human inuyasha. Moroha the daughter of inuyasha and kagome was voiced by morgan berry my hero academia black clover. After a series premiere that reunited fans with the cast from the original inuyasha anime one last time the sequel series has finally set out a path for their children moroha towa and setsuna.

Princess half demon will feature inuyasha and kagome s daughter who serves as a. Moroha もろは is the tritagonist in the anime series hanyō no yashahime. Yashahime release date set for fall 2020 in early august 2020 viz media officially.

This also means we have seen them fight a few times now. Titled hanyo no yashahime the series will focus on inuyasha and kagome s daughter moroha and her twin cousins towa and setsuna the daughters of inuyasha s half brother sesshoumaru.

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