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Her eyes are always seen being obscured by a shadow. She was the late mother of tohru honda.

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She is appearing only in flashbacks and photographs treasured by tohru.

Fruits basket kyoko. The kind of life that ll make people say you did your best. That s how i want her to grow older. Kyoko holds a very special place in tohru s heart.

She loves to cook describes herself as an excellent housekeeper and has an after school job as an office janitor to pay her tuition fees to avoid being a burden to her relatives. In fruits basket another it is mentioned that kyo will be inheriting kazuma s dojo and hajime also mentions that kazuma is his one and only grandfather strongly implying that father and son are as close as ever. Kyoko honda is one of the female characters in the anime manga series fruits basket.

She is the only daughter to the late kyoko and katsuya honda. 1 appearance 2 personality 3 history 4 relationships 4 1 kyoko honda 5 trivia 6 references 7 navigation she is a fair skinned woman in her middle age with straight nape length black hair and bangs forming an m shape tucked behind her ears. Tohru is a student at kaibara municipal high school.

Well if you watch this video it is really important that you read the text. He is mentioned in the 2001 version of fruits basket. She is the estranged mother of kyoko honda.

Tohru always desires to be attached to her mother and constantly thinks about her mother. In many episodes we see. In japanese version she was voiced by reiko yasuhara from the original 2001 version of fruits basket and later voiced by miyuki sawashiro from the new 2019 version of fruits basket.

As a mother she raised tohru to understand that everyone needs to feel needed instilling a lot of compassion and wisdom in her daughter. Before meeting tohru s father kyoko was the leader of an all girl gang. Joyous times sad times the cycle repeating itself again and again.

Tohru honda 本田 透 honda tōru is the main protagonist of the fruits basket series. However after she met katsuya they worked through difficulties in a joint effort and he. Even when it appears o nthe pictures because if you do not do this you will not.

Kyoko is tohru s loving mother and has raised her as a single mother. According to natsuki takaya by the time kyo is an adult he has begun calling kazuma dad. Kyoko honda 本田 今日子 honda kyōko was the wife of katsuya honda and the late mother of tohru honda who only appears in flashbacks and photographs treasured by tohru.

Even if she gets lost even if she makes mistakes in the end let her have a life she can be proud of. During her appearances she is seen wearing simple. His sister and her family except for their father are not fond of his marriage to kyoko and do not seem to like his daughter tohru much either.

1 family 1 1 tohru honda 1 2 katsuya honda 1 3 her parents 2 friends 2 1 kyo sohma 2 2 arisa uotani 2 3 saki hanajima kyoko and tohru had a loving relationship. Kyoko used to be a lonely troubled and violent teenager who was also an infamous gang leader called the red butterfly.

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