Ryuk リューク ryūku is a shinigami who indirectly gives light yagami a death note after becoming bored with the shinigami realm. It s this guy right here.

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Shinigami ryuuku ryuk one of the well liked characters in death note.

Death note ryuk cosplay. Death note ryuk cosplay costume. So i have a rem and my friend she ll be introduced to death ntoe soon is gonna be misa misa. This auction is for a new craft work costume custom made even in your own size.

I know i was previously l but now i wanna cosplay ryuk. Have no clue what i m talking about. See previous link for the particular image i m talking about.

Ryuk is a death god featured in the manga anime live action films called death note. Ive only reached volume 6 though btw. On that note the death note whenever left behind by a shinigami in the human world would be able to come in possession to any human would see the shinigami form.

Ryuk the shinigami is a difficult cosplay. I based my costume mainly on an image from takeshi obata s blanc et noir an art book by the artist of the death note manga. He doesnt get enough credit without him theres no death note.

And this cute awesome dude is gonna. Okay so im starting a cosplay group in my school. Don t sign your name for this rule 63 ryuk cosplay death note fans will recognise the shinigami ryuk.

Damos la bienvenida al mes del terror con este increíble maquillaje para tu noche de halloween death note. 10 ryuk cosplay that look just like the anime. This shinigami cosplay bundle is constantly one of the best sellers on any online cosplay retailers.

Ryuk halloween makeup especial halloween 2017 de. In an effort to amuse himself he steals a second death note and drops it into the human world for someone to find. This cosplay consists of a long leather shirt leather pants leather boots a pleather and leather belt leather belt bag leather notebook 3 resin rings 2 bracelets arm skull buckle belt end chain connector pen belt and notebook cross shrink plastic chain staples and teeth latex mask resin eyes painted and styled wig and a whole lot of feathers.

Death note s main story might have ended years ago with the shinigami known as ryuk leaving the side of light yagami to a terrible death but fans still consider it one of the greatest anime. Pale blue gangly and causually dangerous this is the death god who should be in control of a death note ledger with the power to slay anyone who has their name written inside. In no particular order here are 10 of the finest examples including a few with some unique twists.

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