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A black mother who gave birth to a million to one white blue eyed baby boy has stunned doctors by having a second white child. I m mixed black dominican carabien and italian with brown eyes my oh other half is white english with blue eyes.

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Caucasian babies tend to be born with blue or grey eyes while black hispanic and asian babies commonly have brown or black eyes.

Mixed babies black and white with blue eyes. During the first six months of life pigment epithelial cells start to pump melanin pheomelanin and eumelanin into the stroma. Dd dear daughter was born with blue grey eyes with brown around the pigment which stayed till she was 7 month and at 9 months have now to green which change shades throughout the day. My mom had bright blue eyes.

Dad had dark brown eyes. Since blue is recessive and there is no dominant allele the child will have blue eyes. They had 4 kids one with bright blue eyes 3 with hazel green amber brown.

I have some baby photos where my eyes looked rather blue ish but soon settled on hazel. For many of the other mothers of mixed race babies on instagram that support comes from one another. Stampp said most of those who interact with her are other black mothers of black or mixed race kids and run their own pages or pages that collate photos.

She said she has friends in real life who are supportive of her work. The child will have brown eyes if it receives a recessive allele blue from one parent and a dominant allele brown from the other parent. During the day they ll be bright green and.

I think the stuff we learned in high school biology was highly simplified and that eye color is a lot more complicated than that. Financial analyst catherine howarth 35 who is of nigerian. Baby blue eyes depends if it receives blue alleles from both the parents.

However at birth pigment is not widely distributed in the iris.

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