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Four cell or a four panel comic is a short comic consisting of four panels. Most were published in issues of.

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Death note s recent sequel focused on a young man who received the supernatural note book but wasn t looking to change the world like light and misa but rather wanted to become rich by selling.

Death note manga panels misa. Misa gives up ownership of her death note causing misa to lose all of her memories of the death note being the second kira and having met the kira. One character that changed the manga more than most was misa. From the geniuses that treat the case as a game to the death gods that brought their notebooks down to earth fans enjoyed the compelling players throughout the entire series.

Also they told her light had died stopping kira so i think she just was grieving his death until she couldn t stand it and committed suicide. They are generally gag comic strips. 1 list of death note yonkoma 2 characters 3 external links 4 navigation the death note manga series had several yonkoma.

Favourite manga panel question hey i m trying to fill a wall with some of my favourite manga panels and i was wondering wich one you guys like the most maybe send a link to the picture thanks. Maybe they kept an eye on her but since she had given up the possession of the death note she didn t remember being the second kira and didn t do anything suspicious. After losing her memories and thus forth not sure as to how she got into her situation in the first place she assumes that a stalker fan of her modeling work has kidnapped her and starts to talk aloud to convince the stalker to let her go.

The beloved anime death note has a lot of interesting characters.

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