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Kiss him not me just ended and uh i m not seeing enough chatter about chapter 51 53 aka an avalanche of content so here s a list of things that made me freak out. Again and again mutsumi proves to be the best boy ever.

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Watashi ga motete dousunda lit.

Kiss him not me mutsumi and kae child. Fujoshi entertainer watashi ga motete dousunda kiss him not me bl fanfiction. These two are really sweet i guess i freaked out so many times. On one hand mutsumi only saw kae as a good friend before she lost weight and has mostly been shown to feel no romantic attraction towards kae until she became thin on the other hand since he had no idea what romantic attraction felt like until the others sans kae told him to figure it out it can be guessed that he did love kae before she became.

It s been serialized on bessatsu friend since april 2013 and ended with 14 volumes in 2018. Serinuma akaoji is a student from the us. It was serialized in monthly manga magazine bessatsu friend from may 2013 to 2019.

May 14 2017 my otp yeeesss kiss him not me watashi ga motete dousunda ga confession chapter 46 mutsumi and kae. Twilight princess 1 yu gi oh.

Kae and mutsumi get intimate. Prime 1 oban star. Mutsumi senpai is cinnamon roll disclaimer i don t own anything.

On the other side for kae out of these four boys two might kiss one another so as to fulfil her wish. As all she wants is the boys kissing one another not her which rationalized the title completely as kiss him not me. The last airbender 1 the legend of zelda.

5d s 1 hunger games trilogy suzanne collins 1 harry potter j. What should i do if i m popular also known as boys kiss him instead of me is the first shoujo manga by the popular bl mangaka junko. But he came back on his second year just to visit kae and his family in japan.

Legend of korra 1 transformers bay movies 1 transformers. The 2nd season involves lots of romantic intimating and cosy couple scenes. Originally titled boys please kiss him instead of me in japan the manga is written and illustrated by junko.

Mutsumi x kae la da dee amv request duration. The series has been greenlighted for an. It s been licensed in the usa by kodansha comics usa under the title kiss him not me.

The chapters were later released in 14 bound volume by kodansha under the kodansha comics imprint. But have you ever wondered why akaoji and kae looks differe. Kiss him not me funny edit when you love mutsumi asuma too much.

He also decided to continue his studies in where his sister goes to.

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