Love is war has finally gotten an english dub release thanks to funimation but its recent debut has spurred a major debate among fans funimation previously announced that kaguya sama. Love is war season 2 release date is confirmed to be released on saturday 11 april 2020 at 11 30 pm jst.

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Love is war anime movie tv 14 english dubbed japanese seasons 2 episodes genre comedy romance slice of life.

Kaguya sama love is war season 1 dub release date. Love is war season 3 will proceed with the battle of romantic comedy with cute misunderstandings between miyuki shirogane and kaguya shinomiya and guess what this time there might be a confession too. The release date for the kaguya sama. Some people guess it s because of relevancy my guess is because the season 2 blu ray could be coming out around april 2021 or so and aniplex will want the dub ready for the release for reference season 1 aired in january 2019 and the bd came out in january of this year albeit sub only.

It would be fun to watch miyuki initiating a re election campaign to retain his position as the president. Funimation s also announced they ll be dubbing season 1 later. On october 25 2020 the production of kaguya sama season 3 anime was officially announced at an extraordinary.

Alexis tipton as kaguya. Kaguya sama love is war season 3. Love is war had over 6 5 million copies in circulation as of april 2019 over 8 5 million copies as of october 2019 and over 9 million copies in print as of december 2019.

It was the ninth best selling manga in 2019 with over 4 million copies sold. Considered a genius due to having the highest grades in the country miyuki shirogane leads the prestigious shuchiin academy s student council as its president working alongside the beautiful and wealthy vice president kaguya shinomiya. Funimation announced the voice actors for the second season.

Love is war season 2 english dub occurred on saturday july 25 2020. While in japan this resulted in many seasons in the spring 2020 season being outright postponed companies like funimation entertainment were also impacted when it came to offering their traditional simuldub schedules although have since transitioned to their dub from home model. We know love is war season 2 will not fail to entertain us.

Love is war season 3 release date kaguya sama. Due to the ongoing covid 19 pandemic the anime industry in both japan and western markets were impacted.

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