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Madoka means everything to homura and having madoka happy and by her side is the only thing homura really wants and to do it homura turns the world into a gilded cage and traps madoka in it. Puella magi madoka magica japanese.

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Homura akemi 暁美 ほむら akemi homura is one of the main characters in the puella magi madoka magica series.

Homura puella magi madoka magica characters. Fandom apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This witch was first introduced in puella magi madoka magica portable. Puella magi madoka magica main character index magical girls madoka kaname homura akemi sayaka miki kyubey and the witches supporting characters.

Transferred her memories over to sayaka and nagisa so in order to fool the incubators and save homura from the isolation field. For whatever reason she will go to any length to prevent madoka from striking a contract with kyubey. Want to read the puella magi madoka magica.

Homulilly is the witch form of homura akemi. 1 appearance 1 1 school uniform 1 2 magical girl 1 3 demon 2 personality 3 fighting style 4 backstory. 1 bio 1 1 first form 1 2 second form 2 minions 2 1 clara dolls 2 2 lotte 2 3 luiselotte 2 4 liese 2 5 lilia 3 doppel version 3 1 glasses homura 3 2 coolmura 3 3 swimsuit 4.

Chiwa saito japanese cristina valenzuela english ariadna jiménez spanish a new transfer student in madoka s class and a stoic magical girl with unknown motives. Sayaka and kyouko even with madoka s help homura has failed to rescue mami from her fate worse she may actually have brought it about. Official digital english language manga are available on myanimelist.

Mahō shōjo madoka magika also known simply as madoka magica is a 2011 japanese anime television series created by magica quartet an artist collective consisting of director akiyuki shinbo screenwriter gen urobuchi original character designer ume aoki and producer atsuhiro iwakami and animated by shaft.

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