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He lies he steals he cheats he s a womanizer he s a coward he cares for no one etc. Gokudo ゴクドーくん漫遊記 gokudō kun man yūki is a light novel and anime series about an adventurer named gokudo full name is gokudo yuccot kikansky.

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As a 26 episode fantasy comedy anime series gokudo is outrageously wacky offbeat and howlingly hilarious crammed to the bone with more laughs than one would expect.

Gokudo anime. If there were any title to rival slayers for its humor and zaniness gokudo would be a worthy candidate in that it refuses to take itself seriously while moving along at a zippy roller coaster pace. Gokudo is rude cowardly and lazy. However if angered enough he will fight courageously.

Gokudo is an adventurer by heart his only goals being to get all the money and hot babes in the world. However after all this you still can t help but love him. Gokudo is honestly one of the greatest anti heroes in anime history in my opinion.

He s doesn t fit the profile of a hero and more of an anti hero. After being told by an old hag in a local bar that an evil king seeks to harm. Rubette la lette is a supporting character that appears near the end of the first episode in the anime and joins gokudo.

Gokudo yuccot kikansky usually called by his first name gokudo is the titular character and the main protagonist of the anime series gokudo. Gokudo aired on tv tokyo. He isn t the stereotypical hero but more of an anti hero.

Unlike most main characters he is an antihero willing to resort to violence to fulfill his agenda. Characters gokudo yuccot kikansky is the main character of the series. Gokudo is the james hunt google him of the anime world.

Djinn is a genie that gokudo acquired by.

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