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Carl And Kajika Hanasakeru Seishounen

Set in the modern era the story follows the path to romance of fourteen year old kajika burnsworth daughter of powerful industrialist harry burnsworth owner of the burnsworth international conglomerate giant.

Hanasakeru seishounen kajika. Hanasakeru seishonen 花咲ける青少年 character s. The first big plot introduced is that involving kajika and her father harry burnsworth a rich businessman. On the surface hanasakeru seishounen might seem like it is just a romance but there is much more to it than that.

Throughout the series kajika is considered to be a beauty with pinkish red hair that is styled in a chic messy bob and stunning silver eyes. Kajika louisa kugami burnsworth 花鹿 ルイーサ 陸深 バーンズワース is the main protagonist of the series. Hanasakeru seishounen 花咲ける青少年 is an anime based on the manga written and illustrated by natsumi itsuki 樹なつみ itsuki natsumi.

In the very first episode harry presents the idea of a marriage game to his then 14 year old daughter. She is the heiress of the family estate burnsworth and the only daughter of harry burnsworth and kitty burnsworth. Kajika is a 14 year old girl.

The heaviness of kajika s fate is real the threat on kajika s life is inevitable and the husband game is more than just a mere game. One day her father makes an odd proposal to kajika to find a spouse. Set in modern day new york hong kong and other exciting places the story tells of a young woman kajika burnsworth daughter of international conglomerate giant harry burnsworth.

Hanasakeru seishōnen 花咲ける青少年 youth that can bloom is a manga series written and illustrated by natsumi itsuki. Hansakeru seishounen revolves around endearing love intense passion noble friendship undying loyalty family relations and political intrigue. Kajika louisa kugami burnswort.

Please watch it in hd. Hanasakeru seishonen 花咲ける青少年 character s. She is the only daughter of the president of the well known burnsworth company.

Kajika louisa kugami burnswort.

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