While the japanese bakemonogatari light novels are two volumes there are three volumes for the english version. I loved hitagi crab but mayoi snail was not as great for me.

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He discovers that hitagi weighs next to nothing in defiance of physics.

Bakemonogatari light novel review. The first volume or part covers the first two arcs of the story. Mayoi snail is just such a good arc that it alone made part 1 the best. Of the three volumes of bakemonogatari this one was my favorite.

1 light novel review may 12 2017 dil koyomi araragi begins his third year of high school after enduring a hellish spring break encounter with a vampire. The monogatari series centers on koyomi araragi a third year high school student who is almost human again after briefly becoming a vampire. Bakemonogatari by studio shaft.

Bakemonogatari part 1 features many typical light novel aspects within it. Some parts in the stories were questionable but nisioisin does mention in the afterward that he desired to write a fun novel crammed full of stupid exchanges overall the stories were fun and intriguing. Neither the story nor the premise are anything new or.

It s something of a truism in fandom circles that the original is always better whether it s your favorite comic being adapted into a tv series or your favorite novel being adapted into. The translation was done well around the same level of quality as kizumonogatari which i was very impressed with.

Hitagi crab and mayoi snail. Welcome to my review of one of the most successful anime of the past years and one of my personal favorites. It centers on koyomi araragi a third year high school student who survives a vampire attack and finds himself helping girls involved with a variety of apparitions deities ghosts beasts spirits and other supernatural phenomena which often serve as proxies for their.

This review is for all seasons as such it contains spoilers monogatari takes place in a city populated by about 20 people cardboard cutouts and kanji characters and follows the story of koyomi araragi as he meets girls who have supernatural oddity related issues in their lives and tries to help them. If you re looking at this novel there s a good chance you ve already either read kizumonogatari or are familiar from the anime. One day a classmate named hitagi senjōgahara who infamously never talks to anyone falls down the stairs into koyomi s arms.

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