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His life turns into total chaos following the apocalyptic event known as the great collapse and his hidden powers are later awakened.

Lord of vermilion the crimson king characters. According to supplementary works about the series the crimson king was born of a union between a female elder demon of the primordial prim the chaos nothingness before the cosmos formed known only as the crimson queen and the difficult to place icon of roland s world a male human named king arthur eld. After encountering other people with powers like his own chihiro must find the will to survive and achieve his destiny as the lord of vermilion.

An anime adaptation by asread based on the first game entitled lord of vermilion. Guren no ou romaji 14 july 2018 saturdays at 01 05 jst. The series follows chihiro kamina a seemingly normal college student living in tokyo.

Of the 105696 characters on anime characters database 1 are from the anime lord of vermilion. Guren no ou premiered on july 13 2018. Unknown likely thousands of years old immeasurable older than creation itself.

High frequency resonance is observed in the vicinity of tokyo and the red fog rolls into the city. Guren no ou lord of vermilion. About six months later.

The crimson king is an anime adaptation of the lord of vermilion series by square enix. The crimson king the antichrist big red lord of discordia lord of chaos lord of the spiders los los the red ram abbalah red daddy satan the kingfish the red king the red. A high frequency resonance is suddenly heard in a suburban area and at the same time the entire town is shrouded in a red mist.

Characters voice actors. A multimedia mix from various square enix franchises such as valkyrie profile characters and cards sharing the same monster elements and etymologies from the final fantasy series. Looking for information on the anime lord of vermilion.

All living things that hear the sounds human and animal alike lose consciousness. The phenomenon is assumed to be an unidentified virus so due to fear of a spreading epidemic tokyo is blocked off from the rest of the country. Anyone that hears the sound falls unconscious so the japanese government puts tokyo under quarantine.

The crimson king summer 2018 also known as. The crimson king in the year 2030 a high frequency resonance echoes throughout tokyo followed by a red fog. Set in tokyo it s january 29 2030.

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