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These three heroine routes include scenarios for kanata futaki and sasami sasasegawa two supporting characters from little busters and a new heroine named saya tokido who is only featured in ecstasy. List of little busters.

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The first time the game is played these three heroine routes are unavailable to the player until after the refrain scenario is completed though the player is given the option to make them immediately available.

Little busters characters. She does not communicate well and is seen as inarticulate. Tomoe tamiyasu game yui horie anime japanese shannon emerick english the protagonist of the visual novel and the fifth and last member of the original little busters. Rin natsume is the main heroine in the story.

1 little busters members. Knowing that they will part in the near future they set out to do something big together. Additional heroines in ecstasy.

She is the younger sister of kyousuke natsume and is the only female member out of the five original members of the little busters. Due to this she is anti social and is usually seen alone. As a child riki naoe shut himself from the world thanks to a diagnosis of narcolepsy following the tragic deaths of his parents.

View mobile site fandomshop fandom ig galaxyquest. However riki is saved when one fateful day a boy named kyousuke recruits him into a team who call themselves the little busters. Wiki is a fandom anime community.

In this case play baseball mostly due to kyousuke s love of cliché mangas. A sophomore in high school. Along with their childhood friends kyousuke masato and kengo they form little busters who go out to defeat evil but really just try to have fun doing whatever.

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