Unlike akashi kuroko has acquired his eye ability with long term observation in a slower pace. However seirin managed to stop akashi with the combination play of kuroko and kagami where kuroko uses his quasi emperor eye to predict kagami s movements and move in the opposite direction to intercept akashi.

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Kuroko s basketball akashi. Kagami taiga ace of seirin high school vs the generation of miracles in the interhigh winter cup. Figuarts zero kuroko s basketball seijuro akashi pvc figure bandai from japan. His eyes were forcefully awakened fully when his second persona emerged during his one on one match against murasakibara.

25 00 shipping. The regulars of the team became known as. Three seasons of the anime adaption have aired with a movie due to be released in march of 2017.

Kuroko and akashi s relationship hasn t been fully revealed yet though it was mentioned that akashi was the one who discovered kuroko s talent and the one who taught him basketball techniques and helped strengthen his misdirections. His name was called as one of the four freshmen who made it into the first string of the club a feat never seen before. Akashi has acquired his by long term observation of the teikō team as it s vice captain and then eventually captain.

Kuroko s basketball swing 6q seijuro akashi mascot figure bandai nas licensed nw. Akashi was participating in the first string matches until he meet kuroko at the third string gym and saw his potential. Akashi and kuroko meet akashi was seen at the tryouts for the teikō basketball club.

Akashi is also the one who promoted kuroko from the third string to teikō s regulars. Akashi kuroko kurokonobasket kise aomine midorima knb murasakibara kagami seijuro akashiseijuro tetsuya bokuto generationofmiracles haikyuu akakuro anime kurokotetsuya basketball kisekinosedai 1 2k stories. This emperor eye tactic was used to stop akashi twice which resulted in him being shocked and unfocused leading to him losing his zone.

1 plot 2 characters 3 ships 3 1 het 3 2 slash 3 3 femslash 3 4 friendship 4 fandom the basketball team of teiko middle school rose to distinction by demolishing all competition. About kuroko no basuke. Kuroko no basuke also known as kuroko no basket the basketball which kuroko plays or kuroko s basketball is a manga that was serialized in weekly shōnen jump.

You are now watching kuroko s basketball. Kuroko no basuke ss2 ep. Kuroko s basketball is a manga which has been adapted into an anime series.

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