It took until 2005 for fans to finally get an answer. One question that has plagued the stop motion animation classic for years is why the doll known as dolly for sue to some is on the island.

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So there s many gripping questions that i can not answer.

Island of misfit toys doll what s wrong with her. This really makes him a misfit toy. Were more or less for boys. She never reveals what s wrong with her and nothing is physically off about her appearance.

One of the producers behind the special arthur rankin says he believes her problems are psychological. It turns out the doll barely appeared in the original script so the author did not explain why she was on the island. Island of misfit toys was.

The whole deal with the. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is a 1964 christmas stop motion animated television special produced by videocraft international ltd. Arthur rankin jr one of the show s producers said in a 2005 interview with the television academy foundation that she has psychiatric issues although he appeared to be joking at the time.

Backing that up when sold at cvs in 1998 her tag said i m a little rag doll who just wants a friend. Because the other toys. So i will try to come up with answers for my own questions so begins another exciting article.

The first toy we meet is a jack in the box named charlie. The girl doll was originally. Her problem which there wasn t one was explained by jules bass.

But the dolly for sue seems like a perfectly normal little doll and never says why she s there with the rest of the misfits. But most of my questions come from the island of misfit toys. The girl doll was just.

The reason for dolly being there was never explained in the special leaving many watchers wondering why she was a misfit due to her normal looking appearance. Later known as rankin bass productions and currently distributed by universal television it first aired sunday december 6 1964 on the nbc television network in the united states and was sponsored by general electric under the umbrella title of the general. She wasn t even in the.

Here s all he has to do. In 2007 on npr s wait wait don t tell me rudolph producer arthur rankin jr said that dolly s problem was psychological and was caused from being abandoned by her mistress sue and suffering depression from feeling unloved. The special s producer arthur rankin jr said that her problem was in fact psychological caused from being rejected abandoned by her mistress and suffering depression from being unloved.

Thrown in to fill a spot. But over the years as the special was revised the doll got more screen time and lines. According to the article 10 things you didn t know about rudolf the red nosed reindeer by amanda ferris angry letters from children demanded the misfit toys be helped and thus the short scene that showed santa and rudolf making good on their promise to go back to the island and deliver the misfits to homes was added and has been shown.

Not in the script.

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