Anime Inferno Cop Vs Ghost Rider Characters

This is easily the best comedy studio trigger has made to date.

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Inferno cop makes a guest appearance in the eleventh episode of space patrol luluco another anime series produced by studio trigger.

Inferno cop vs ghost rider. Let s just say that the visual style theme and the way it shows the protagonist inferno cop to a slight extent resembles marvel comics ghost rider character. The show is set in the fictional jack knife edge town. Inferno cop is a police officer risen from hell in the eponymous anime.

Ghost rider bobobo bo bo bobo chuck norris deadpool filthy frank ninja slayer ninja slayer. Inferno cop and mecha cop. 20 when he died classification.

Inferno cop bears a striking resemblance to the comic book characters ghost rider punisher and axe cop. Inferno cop was brought back from death by pure rage fueled by his need to avenge his murdered loved ones. Inferno cop himself is a comical mash up of ghost rider s look with the punisher s back story and hellfire boy bears a strong resemblance to a certain boy wonder.

Inferno cop himself seems oddly similar to the punisher and ghost rider. Inferno cop s sacrifice has him remembered by no one except for one special person and works to keep his sacrifice upheld. 9 b unknown via third destroy finale and glitter inferno cop form name.

Read comments on inferno cop on crunchyroll. Skull for a head. Ghost rider is a what if.

Anything that inferno cop uses is liable to inherit the flames of hell for example his car and hellfire boy. 1 fanon wiki ideas so far 1 1 possible opponents 2 history 3 death battle info axe cop vs inferno cop abandoned inferno cop vs. The unholy officer s flame of justice burns.

Episode of death battle. Ghost powers and abilities. Inferno cop is like a combination between ghost rider strongbad and the stoner comedy cartoons of adult swim.

Rather than spoofing a single genre trigger decides to spoof a wide variety of media from shonen to robocop from marvel comics to evangelion. Super strength speed reactions and durability sharpshooting his bullets can cause explosions pyrokinesis that can give powers immortality type 7 shapeshifting into a car flight in glitter. The fire still burns.

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