Anime Inferno Cop Immune To Bullets Special Edition

Next article gamba soundtrack by benjamin wallfisch. I m immune to your bullets.

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Inferno cop parodies this trope when inferno cop fights a giant baby headed crab monster.

Inferno cop immune to bullets. Anime fans have a lot of different beliefs on what is considered the best anime of all time. After the surgery from southern cross inferno cop could change into a car like form that allowed him to warp through time. He was a formidable opponent.

Yes 100 times yes. This is the absolute pinnacle. Only for inferno cop to announce so am i and deflect the bullet back at the monster causing it to explode with a big no.

At the start of the series inferno cop shows up in his car which is also engulfed by flames. Crawford claims these crimes are being perpetrated by dead men charged with atom rays which gives them superhuman strength and makes them impervious to bullets. Previous article allied soundtrack by alan silvestri.

Can defeat bulletproof foes using bullets somehow claims that he has died many times and has come back to life each time through the power of justice. Download inferno cop soundtrack. Inferno cop shoots the monster at which it announces i am immune to your bullets and deflects the bullet into inferno cop.

Watch it even if you already have watch it again. Can survive being cut in half although it causes him excruciating pain. I am immune to your bullets so am i oh no.

Inferno cop has everything. Well if you want to believe that story you can. More in television soundtracks.

Don t shoot you ll piss him off dr. Even in his base form he was immune to bullets as baby found out when trying to use them to kill inferno cop. Recovered from a giant explosion created by mecha cop in only a few seconds.

Shounenfagssome people think it s an anime like naruto or fairy tail while others might think it s the tatami galaxy or maybe tengen toppa gurren lagann however anime elitists like me know that the true best anime of all time is inferno cop. 3 45 inferno cop soundtrack by daisuke horita.