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It is an interesting alternate universe war story with characters that serve to flesh out both. It was used by the united forces of earth for training pilots in high school but following operation earthfall it also also saw action on real battlefields.

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Aldnoah zero is a mecha anime for people who long for a twist on the typical mecha anime tropes.

Aldnoah zero mechs. Diosukuria is a martian kataphrakt that appears in the aldnoah zero television series. Aldnoah zero recieves english dub aniplex of america announced the details of its home video release of the first season of aldnoah zero at its panel at a kon on saturday. Aniplex of america will release the first.

List of aldnoah zero episodes in 1972 during the apollo 17 mission an ancient alien artifact named the hypergate was discovered on the surface of the moon allowing for near instantaneous travel to and from mars and the colonisation of mars. It was piloted by count saazbaum an orbital knight. The company will release the first 12 episode season on both blu ray disc and dvd in two sets.

The sets will include japanese and english audio with english and spanish subtitles. We re awaiting your order. The most commonly seen kataphrakt belonging to the united forces of earth is the kg 7 areion yet the one used as the cover for aldnoah zero is the kg 6 sleipnir an orange training unit that is equipped with a 75mm cannon with an attached grenade launcher a pistol and blade as sidearms.

Pilot only the kg 6 sleipnir スレイプニール sureipunīru is one of the main kataphrakts featured in the aldnoah zero television series. Browse our aldnoah zero selection. Free shipping on qualifying orders and products.

But kg 6 sleipnir is the opposite. Aldnoah zero follows the mecha genre in more of a super robot format than the real robot as for the themes of the show it attempts to highlight how the hate and obsession of what others have as well as prejudice can lead to the loss of many human and martian lives. If aldnoah zero were a gundam show the main robot would be an awesome state of the art brand new invention that makes all of the other mech look old and clunky by comparison.

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