Anime at the anime news network lily. The journey will take twenty years.

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I would guess that its many similarities to the afore mentioned hollywood flicks and the occasional moments of gory horror meant that it was seen as an easier sell in those early days of commercially available anime.

Lily c a t dub. 7 39991 90873 5. Crunchyroll adds lily c a t. Is a 1987 horror ova directed by hisayuki toriumi featuring character designs from yoshitaka amano and yasuomi umetsu.

It s lily c a t the ultimate biological weapon. Produced by omnibus promotion. Finally captain hamilton tells berry to save himself and his prisoner and says that there s a planet nearby and that they should leave before lily c a t.

Computer system accidentally introduces an alien bacterium into the ship while its human crew is in cryostasis. The saldes crew of thirteen mixing experienced space jockeys with. Has never been made available in blighty but was released in the us by streamline pictures but only as an english dub tape.

A crew travels across the universe in a ship that can travel for 20 years while the crew will age only 1 year. Lily one of the crewmembers pet cat is actually the source of the virus. The crew on board a long distance space mission soon realize they are not alone on their ship when a killer virus takes them down one by one.

The starship saldes is sent into deep space to explore a newly discovered planet. Under the instructions of an unknown force that remains unknown and is never address again throughput the entire anime the ship s a i. An english dub was released by streamline pictures in 1995 and has since been re released by discotek media.

Is a science fiction horror anime ova from the ripe age of the film follows the spaceship on a 40 year mission. Starts killing the rest of the crew. Suddenly some of the crew members are coming down with.

1995 02 21 suggested retail price. Video anime to catalog oct 31 2015 north american anime manga releases february 23 march 1 feb 25 2014 discotek adds devilman tv cardcaptor sakura film jin. A space voyage goes horribly wrong for a crew when a sinister criminal onboard leaks a deadly virus that aims to kill the team off one by one.

English dubbed 49 imdb 6 2 1h 7min 1997.

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