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One of its defining traits is its unique and individually interesting characters including those from other teams. Also mamori once witnessed youichi s bag full of cell.

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Eyeshield 21 is a very well received sports manga written by riichiro inagaki and illustrated by yusuke murata.

Eyeshield 21 hiruma agon. Afterwards eyeshield 21 successfully intercepted a lateral pass meant for agon followed by juumonji recovering the ball as this is classed as a fumble and scoring the second deimon touchdown despite being tackled by the arrogant dreadhead. An interview with hiruma and agon. As suzuna motivates sena hiruma finds a way to defeat shin.

Meanwhile in ojo s locker room shin says a 7 point gap is not enough as eyeshield 21 is a player that improves with shocking speed during a game. In one instance youichi even threw away his cell phone after receiving a call from his father. The series takes place in tokyo japan where the members of deimon devil bats have the ambition to compete at the christmas bowl the most important high school american football championship of the country.

Yuya hiruma is the father of yoichi hiruma 1 appearance 2 personality 3 history 4 plot 4 1 christmas bowl arc little is known about hiruma s father. Hiruma first met sena when he first enter deimon once he discovers sena s talent to run hiruma forces him to be the running back on the football team and gave him the name eyeshield 21 in order to hide his identity from other sports teams and intimidate rivals teams he let sena become a secretary as well but later deem him unsuited for the role. He seems to have a bad relationship with his son is as seen by youichi s constant evading of him.

Hiruma and mamori go through the games footage to find a strategy. 1 appearace 2 personality 3 plot 3 1 nasa alien arc 3 2 kanto tournament arc 3 3 christmas bowl arc 4 relationship 4 1 shinryuji naga 4 1 1 agon kongo 4 2 rival teams 4 2 1 taro raimon 5 techniques strategies 6 navigation his head resembles vegeta without. Watch eyeshield 21 episode 106 online at anime planet.

He tells sena to push shin away using his arm strength. Later sena protects mamori from agon. Agon ended up being dragged into the endzone by juumonji s sheer force of will.

Ikkyu hosokawa 細川一休 hosakawa ikkyū is the cornerback of the shinryuji naga and was considered the best cornerback in kanto. Eyeshield 21 hiruma agon temukan pin ini dan lainnya di es21oleh kana kwbr. Hiruma youichi kongo agon 31 habashira rui hiruma youichi 20 juumonji kazuki kobayakawa sena 20 kobayakawa sena yamato takeru 17 kakei shun kobayakawa sena 13 include additional tags fluff 91 romance 68 humor 50 established relationship 36 no plot plotless 31 alternate universe 30 canon compliant 29.

The eyeshield 21 anime and manga series features an extensive cast of characters created by riichiro inagaki and yusuke murata.

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