Saldivar s murder trial and helped the prosecution attack defense claims that the shooting was an accident. Quintanilla went to meet saldívar at a days inn motel in corpus christi to retrieve financial documents and she was fatally shot by the friend and business.

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13 a front desk clerk from a corpus christi motel testified friday that singer selena quintanilla perez ran bleeding into the lobby saying yolanda saldivar had shot her.

Days inn yolanda saldívar. On march 30 the day before selena s murder saldivar returned to texas from a trip to monterrey mexico checked into the days inn and contacted selena. The trial was moved. Shawna vela a front desk clerk at the motel gave a similar account today at ms.

Then the pair returned to the days inn where saldívar promised to give selena missing financial records. But what was supposed to be a quick exchange turned into a two day affair that ended with selena s murder. They met briefly to discuss the documents at which time saldivar told selena she had been raped on her trip abroad.

Yolanda saldívar born 1960 09 19 september 19 1960 age 60 san antonio texas. Saldivar s lawyers say she was hysterically waving her 38 caliber revolver at the singer when it went off accidentally inside room 158 at the days inn motel in corpus christi. Yolanda saldívar spanish pronunciation.

After that confrontation saldívar purchased a revolver. This is my updated version of the days inn hotel room 150 in corpus christi the hotel room that yolanda saldivar shot selena quintanilla those 19 years ago. Saldívar alleged she had been the victim of sexual assault during a trip to monterrey mexico.

Saldívar will be eligible for parole on march 30 2025. On march 30 and march 31 1995 selena went to meet yolanda saldívar at the days inn motel in corpus christi to retrieve the remaining business documents. Staff complained about saldívar s erratic moods and quintanilla jr.

In the motel room selena demanded financial papers required for tax preparation. Saldívar convinced selena to meet her alone at her days inn motel room on march 31 1995. Born september 19 1960 is a former nurse and fan club president who was convicted of the murder of tejano singer selena quintanilla pérez on march 31 1995 in corpus christi texas.

Eventually discovered that saldívar had embezzled 60 000 from the boutiques and fan club by forging checks. The final confrontation between selena and yolanda saldivar. Saldívar purchased a 38 special revolver but lied to the clerk about her intentions claiming she was a nurse whose patients relatives had threatened her life.

And on march 31 saldívar and selena met up first to take saldívar to the hospital. She said yolanda saldivar in room 158 said ruben deleon sales director at a corpus christi days inn where the shooting occurred march 31.

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