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The military time zones can be used with military time to identify a time and zone see military time converter. This is a list of military time zones as defined in the acp 121 i standard.

Military Alphabet A Code With Nato Phonetic Alphabet Chart

Zulu time is in aviation because planes fly from time zone to time zone in very short order.

Military time zones alphabet. As with the military alphabet the designations of military time zones are also managed by nato today. Zulu time is often the standard time zone for use in military and aviation. It is sometimes used in the us military and nato in conjunction with 24 hour clocks and is also popular to use in movies to reference time.

For example 9 30 am in the utc 7 zone is written 0900g and pronounced zero nine hundred golf. For australia canada new zealand the united kingdom and the united states and is used by many nations armed forces. Military operations must be coordinated across times zones the military uses greenwich mean time gmt as the standard time.

The time zone for greenwich england is the letter z and the military phonetic word is zulu. The basis for this is z zulu time zero meridian time the same as utc it s a convention to assign letters to time zones where z zero meridian and zulu is the word that represents the letter z when it s used in communication. Military time zones are used worldwide for both military and civilian purposes.

When spoken these are referred to as juliet and zulu. Going east from the prime meridian at greenwich letters alpha through mike skipping j see below represent the 12 time zones with. The world is divided into 24 military time zones and each military zone is designated a letter and the military phonetic alphabet word.

Showing 24 hour format. The names are identical to the nato phonetic alphabet. Military nato letter timezones.

The military assigns each time zone a specific letter of the alphabet plus assigns the letter j as local time and the letter z as greenwich mean time or utc. That s why they are also known as nato phonetic letters. The letter z otherwise known as zulu is used to describe the greenwich mean time gmt or utc.

They represent each of the twenty four time zones in use around the world including coordinated universal time utc which is represented by the zulu time zone. Wednesday november 25 2020. The current assignment of time zone names is based upon the nato phonetic alphabet.

There are 24 time zones around the world and each zone has designated a letter with the military phonetic alphabet word.

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