Tsubomi kido 木戸 つぼみ kido tsubomi kido キド is the first member of the mekakushi dan and currently its leader. The size map is in the product description.

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In mekakucity actors her hoodie is completely purple and she has her hair in a ponytail while wearing the hoodie.

Mekakucity actors kido tsubomi. Kido has long dark green hair reaching down to her hips with two strands laying on her chest on the front and black eyes. Jinzou enemy kido readjusts her hood after shintaro bumps into her act 01. Kido grew up in the same orphanage as seto and kano.

She is the biological younger half sister of rin kido. First appeared in blindfold code. Kagerou project mekakucity actors no 1 kido tsubomi hoodie costume 4 4 out of 5 stars 9 ratings.

Tsubomi kido plush figure doll stuffed toy mekakucity actors kagerou project sk japan mekakucity actors kido plush figure doll new attention international shipping sometimes causes delay or loss of your item. Please check it carefully. Kido s first appearance in mekakucity actors act 01.

Despite this rin accepted tsubomi as her younger sister and scolded her whenever she used keigo to her. To prevent various shipping errors we will ship by shipping method with tracking number. A girl that plays the role of the leader of the mekakushi dan.

Select size chart attention it s not us size or amazon size. When their father chained rin to. She s seemingly the leader of the mekakushi dan.

Tsubomi kido 木戸 つぼみ a mysterious girl who has appeared before shintarou in a shopping center. Rin kido the biological half sister of tsubomi kido. Back then tsubomi did not feel like she belonged in rin s household because her tsubomi s mother was not her father s wife nor rin s mother.

Plot and or ending details follow she is the foster sister of seto kano and ayano tateyama. She also would sometimes tease tsubomi with ghost stories. Jinzou enemy kido reports to kano over the phone that she sees momo act 02.

She is always listening to music through her earphones.

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