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Sukuna x reader jujutsu kaisen. Sorcery fight is a japanese manga series written and illustrated by gege akutami serialized in shueisha s weekly shōnen jump since march 2018. Sacrifice sukuna ryomen x reader. The individual chapters are collected and published by shueisha with thirteen tankōbon volumes released as of october 2020.

The strongest vs the strongest. You can use the f11 button to read manga in full screen pc only.

I don t own jujutsu kaisen or any of the pictures used. Creator chose not to use archive warnings. Sukuna ryoumen sukuna reader.

Please use the bookmark button to get notifications about the latest chapters next time when you come visit mangakakalot. 21 images of the jujutsu kaisen cast of characters.

As they both carry the title of the strongest they actually have a lot in common and are destined to duke it out one day more details under the cut. Ryomen sukuna at mangakakalot. Honestly it s never really stated how the limitless user died in the battle megumi is the one who thinks mahoraga was the reason gojo only stated that the shadow technique has potential for all we know the 10 shadow user of the past could have had all the god summons along with an op domain expansion with the ability to store weapons in their shadow allowing them to carry around special grade.

Photos of the jujutsu kaisen show voice actors. You re reading jujutsu kaisen chapter 1. Jujutsu kaisen centers around yuji who joins jujutsu high after eating a cursed finger belonging to sukuna the king of curses.

Where others would have either died or been entirely overtaken by sukuna yuji can retain control proving himself to be a vessel able to contain the powerful curse. A 24 episode anime television series adaptation produced by mappa premiered. 1 chainsaw man manga 1 include characters gojo satoru 403 fushiguro megumi 277.

Choose not to use archive warnings. Anime manga fanfiction romance reverse harem x reader jujutsu kaisen the gravitational pull of the earth is the attraction that the earth exerts on an object or that an object exerts on the earth. Welcome to the jujutsu kaisen wiki a community created by the fans for the fans and is dedicated to housing everything about jujutsu kaisen created by gege akutami our goal is to become the best source of information on the series.

We currently have 12 524 edits to 440 articles and 1 298 images on this wiki. Gojou is the strongest jujutsu sorcerer and sukuna is the strongest cursed spirit.

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