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+9 Best Of Ikebukuro West Gate Park Book Best Wallpaper JPG

The story focuses around the 21 year old makoto a cool and level headed member of the g boys gang. One month later she is found strangled to death and makoto feels guilty for hearing her die over his phone while not being able to do anything about it.

There is a certain style of anime that i like call it a guilty pleasure.

Ikebukuro west gate park book. The following contains spoilers for episode 3 of ikebukuro west gate park zettamovier metropolitan theatre now streaming on funimation. Ikebukuro west gate park 池袋ウエストゲートパーク usually referred to by its initials iwgp is a series of urban mystery novels by ira ishida it was adapted into a drama television series directed by tsutsumi yukihiko and then a manga released by digital manga publishing in english an anime television series adaptation by doga kobo premiered in october 2020. Makoto talented with defusing tense situations and keeping his friends out of harm s way possibly stumbles into more than he can handle.

Volume one of ikebukuro starts with makoto meeting a couple of girls at a new year s eve party one of which he falls in love with. The following contains spoilers for episode 6 of ikebukuro west gate park g boys winter war part 1 now streaming on funimation. Is makoto really in over his head.

Ikebukuro west gate park with japanese subtitles. Blood is spilled and trust is broken in episode 6 of ikebukuro west gate park someone is prowling around ikebukuro causing a rift among the g boys when members start turning up black and blue. Synopsis crime ridden ikebukuro is a haven for violent gangs the yakuza and home to makoto majima.

Sat apr 03 2004 12 35 am post subject. Shows that i ve really enjoyed like that are banana fish black lagoon durarara baccano k jormungand etc. One set in a big city with street gangs etc.

Overview the story revolves around 20 year old makoto who frequently gets involved in highly dangerous situations usually against his own judgment. To help my japanese practice i have been trying to find dramas with alot of slang that have japanese subtitles. Even with takashi at the helm the g boys don t really have the threatening presence they did in the first episode.

To protect his friends this charismatic troubleshooter mediates disputes among the warring factions even fixing problems the police can t. Ikebukuro west gate park 東京都 豊島区. The g boys are becoming less of a formidable gang and more like ikebukuro s errand boys.

Along for the ride are his best buddies shun masa and takashi the enigmatic leader of a local gang in ikebukuro. Outside of slice of life romance and good old fashioned fantasy i like a nice gritty urban story.

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