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+5 Best Of Jujutsu Kaisen Arcs Best Wallpaper PNG

As of this writing jujutsu kaisen is at chapter 129 which is the 46 th part of the ongoing shibuya incident arc. The death painting arc 九相図編 kosozu hen is the sixth arc in akutami gege s jujutsu kaisen series.

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The kyoto goodwill event arc 京都交流会編 kyōto kōryū kai hen is the fifth arc inakutami gege sjujutsu kaisen series.

Jujutsu kaisen arcs. Megumi and nobara train with the second years in the schoolyard. The cursed child arc is a prequel arc in akutami gege s jujutsu kaisen. Currently jujutsu kaisen has 9 arcs spanning 128 chapters.

The arc is the manga s biggest yet where october 31 arrives and geto s plans finally come to deadly fruition. 1 synopsis 1 1 team battle. Jujutsu kaisen has finally made its debut as it leads the new wave of fall 2020 anime premieres and now the series has revealed just how many episodes it will be sticking around for.

It covers the story from tokyo metropolitan magic technical school series taking place one year before the main series story. This is also where megumi and aoi have their fight. Jujutsu kaisen is broken into many different story arcs.

The following page provides information on the story arcs such as the arc name a brief description of the arc and the chapters within the arc. All of shibuya becomes a supernatural battlefield with many curses and sorcerers either getting brutally injured or outright killed. The majority of this story arc takes place on the grounds of jujusu highschool in tokyo.

1 synopsis 1 1 the detention center case 2 jujutsu battles events 3 chapters 4 episodes 5 characters introduced 6 terminology introduced 7 setting 8 see also 9. 1 synopsis 1 1 cursed by death s doorway 1 2 the battle beneath yasohachi bridge 1 3 consequences of closing the case 2 battles events 3 chapters 4 characters introduced 5 terminology. Somewhere else on campus hidden away satoru has yuji train in secret.

The cursed womb arc 呪 じゅ 胎 たい 戴 たい 天 てん 編 へん jutaitaiten hen is the second arc in akutami gege s jujutsu kaisen. 1 2 enemies invade the event 2 jujutsu battles events 3 chapters 4 characters introduced 5 terminology introduced 6 see also 7.

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