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Arima was the investigator to eliminate hikari creating yomo s hatred and desire for revenge against him. Jack the light novels and jail that are established to be in the tokyo ghoul universe.

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I m specifically talking about the strongest characters in the show.

Touka tokyo ghoul female characters. She is a second year student at kiyomi highschool. The character sub pages are split amongst those that were introduced in the original series tokyo ghoul the sequel series tokyo ghoul. The main protagonist of the story ken kaneki 金木 研 kaneki ken is a nineteen year old black haired university freshman that receives an organ transplant from rize who was trying to kill him before she was struck by a fallen i beam and seemingly killed.

For that reason we mean to go over some of the characters that will surely be in the spotlight next season. Touka kirishima 霧嶋 董香 kirishima tōka is a ghoul and worker at anteiku. Between ghouls and ccg ghoul investigators there are literally dozens of powerful characters in the tokyo ghoul series.

While hunting she wears a rabbit mask and her alias is rabbit ラビット. Snatching touka s shoulder y n pressed her lips against touka s catching her off guard her eyes growing wide. Touka snaked her arms around y n s waist causing the h c haired female s face to go red.

Touka wears a rabbit mask while hunting earning her the alias rabbit ラビット rabitto. This is a list of all the named female characters that have appeared so far in the series. I i like you too and i i touka cut her off her mouth was now occupied with things more than words.

Hikari kirishima their mother was his sister making him their uncle. However only the. Sui ishida also revealed tokas bwh saying 82 51 84.

An often forgotten detail in the tokyo ghoul series is that yomo is related to both touka and ayato. Re as well as any spin offs tokyo ghoul. She is the daughter of arata kirishima and hikari kirishima the older sister of ayato kirishima the wife of ken kaneki and the mother of ichika kaneki.

Touka kirishima 霧嶋 董香 kirishima touka is a ghoul who is an ex waitress at anteiku. It s the first time kaneki sees touka s kagune in action and she shows just how formidable a fighter she really is to face off against the much stronger tsukiyama. With 2016 coming up the third season of tokyo ghoul is just around the corner.

Heroic disciplinarian touka kirishima is the deuteragonist and a ghoul and waitress at anteiku and one of the main characters of the tokyo ghoul franchise. In the first season of tokyo ghoul touka shows the power of her ukaku wing kagune when she protects the still naive kaneki from the persistent shuu tsukiyama. An index page for characters who ve appeared in the tokyo ghoul universe.

While hunting she wears a rabbit mask and her alias is rabbit ラビット.

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