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Nezuko X Zenitsu Sleeping | Anime Wallpaper 4K

This is just a story about the ship zenitsu x nezuko in their high school au. Zenitsu x nezuko moments 3.

Shh Be Quiet Nezuko Is Sleeping Don T Wake Her Up Anime Demon Chibi Anime Kawaii Anime Chibi

Zennezu is the het ship between zenitsu agatsuma and nezuko kamado from the demon slayer fandom.

Nezuko x zenitsu sleeping. Http mad mn slay subscribe to our channel for all. In his awesome sleeping state zenitsu defends nezuko from the demon appendages in the train. Dandelion zenitsu x nezuko fanfiction.

I m yours but from then on the rest are one shots. Home of zenitsu x nezuko aka zennezu ぜんねず discord link. Agatsuma zenitsu 202 kamado nezuko 200 kamado tanjirou 162 hashibira inosuke 142 tsuyuri kanao 67 tomioka giyuu 55 kochou shinobu 42 kanzaki aoi kimetsu no yaiba 40 uzui tengen 35 shinazugawa sanemi 33 include relationships agatsuma zenitsu kamado nezuko 226 hashibira inosuke kamado tanjirou 57.

When zenitsu sees her for the first time and discovers that she s a cute girl he quickly gets mad at tanjiro because he thinks that nezuko is. You were right. I will protect you.

Zenitsu x nezuko best birthday gift giyuu x shinobu her hair kanao x tanjirou the past shinobu x mitsuri x obanai x giyuu jealous. This does not contain any spoilers from the manga so don t worry. Kimetsu no yaiba was brought to an end.

Going on a shopping tanjiro zenitsu inosuke nezuko i rly need to fix my sleeping schedule originally posted by kogamiryoken tanjiro kamado you guys had cold soba. The story ends in part 33. During the infinity train arc the lower moon one enmu has hijacked the titular train.

He then tells nezuko that he will protect her before returning to mumbling. Https discord gg pdektfa nsfw posts of strictly adult zennezu will be properly tagged. The animation in this scene is seriously so cool demon slayer simulcasting now on animelab.

Before seeing her but knowing already that she was a demon zenitsu protected nezuko from inosuke because tanjiro said that she was important to him. Kimetsu no yaiba has officially come to an end and the finale confirmed that nezuko kamado ended up with someone surprising. Because this boy eats like a vacuum.

Giyuu x shinobu sleeping kanao x tanjirou new year temple visit tanjirou x kanao his beloved kanao x tanjirou i wish. Let s see who could finish first you wasn t sure if you could win but still accepted the challenge.

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