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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Map Coral Cove | Anime Wallpaper 4K

Coral cave is a new location in fortnite especially since the map went under water at the start of season 3. One is located to the southeast of coral cove.

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Fortnite season 3 of chapter 2 continues and one of the biggest assets of the.

Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 map coral cove. The point of interest is an. Claim your trident at coral cove fortnite as provided by the challenge name you can claim you trident at coral cove. It s found in the north west corner at the top of the map but the coral cove island in fortnite is not where.

Where to claim your trident at coral cove for the aquaman skin in fortnite chapter 2 season 3 time to get your aquaman skin. Part of unlocking the aquaman skin this week 5 challenge requires you to find the location of the superhero s. Claim your trident at coral cove is a challenge in fortnite chapter 2 season 3.

Stone sculptures resembling fishstick each bearing different expressions can be found decorating the. The main reason people will want to find coral cove in chapter 2 season 3 is as part of the aquaman challenges as you need to find three tridents there for one of the quest steps. By william parks jul 16 2020.

Coral cove is an unnamed poi new to season 3 so its name will not appear on the map even after. Coral cove is an island that can be found northwest of sweaty sands as seen in the image above. Coral cove is a landmark in battle royale added in chapter 2 season 1 located inside the coordinates a2 and b2 on a set of small islands and is close to the crash site and fort crumpet it is a primitive village filled with various huts and shacks all with leaves or seashells as roofing.

Provided you own the season 3 battle pass you can now take on this challenge to earn some new rewards here s a guide on where coral cove is located and how to find the trident once you get there. Where is coral cove in fortnite. Where is coral cove in fortnite season 3 players that are trying to claim their trident and unlock the aquaman skin can find the location of coral cove in fortnite here.

Coral cove can be found on the north si.

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